A Stunning Kitchen Starts With the Right Floor

A Stunning Kitchen Starts With the Right Floor

Install new kitchen tile flooring in Memphis, TN

Your kitchen floor goes through a lot. It's a high-traffic area that sees spills, dropped dishes and other messes daily. It's no surprise that your flooring probably looks worn out. The team at Peter Andersen Installations based in Memphis, TN is ready to help you do something about it.

Replace your kitchen tile flooring with:

  • New tile
  • Natural stone
  • Marble
  • Granite

Your new floors will look so good, you'll want to remodel your whole kitchen. Call 901-461-9535 to talk to our team about a new kitchen tile flooring installation.

Choose from thousands of options for your backsplash

Another excellent way to add your own style to your kitchen is to set up a tile backsplash installation. A backsplash is a layer of tile that covers the wall behind your sink or stove. Many homeowners also put a backsplash between their upper and lower cabinets.

You can choose nearly any color, pattern and shape for your backsplash. We'll even help you decide between a matte tile for a subtle look or glass tile for a flashy accent.

You'll love customizing your tile backsplash installation process with the experts from Peter Andersen Installations. Make an appointment to speak with an expert about your backsplash ideas in Memphis, TN right away.