Is It Time for New Tile?

Is It Time for New Tile?

Speak with our staff about a shower tile installation in Memphis, TN

When you think of tile, you might imagine a very plain or industrial look. However, you can use tile for more than just a monotonous shower wall. You can use it to create beautiful patterns. The team at Peter Andersen Installations specializes in shower tile installation for new homes and shower tile replacement for remodels. With a little creativity, we can transform your bathroom from a dull space into a refreshing retreat.

It's possible to create stunning designs using tile. Talk to our team as soon as possible about your shower tile installation in Memphis, TN.

Get creative with tile

As you design your bathroom, use every available opportunity to express your style. Use blocks of colors, vibrant designs or jewel-like, glass tile to create a look you love. Excellent places to use accent tile include:

  • Halfway up the walls
  • The edges of the floors
  • Custom soap dishes
  • Footrests
  • Benches

You're going to love decorating with tile. Count on the crew at Peter Andersen Installations to complete your shower tile replacement in Memphis, TN as soon as possible.